Monday, September 3, 2012

So it begins... again

In a few days, I will be starting my third year at medical school.  Surprisingly, my exam results were again pretty good - near the top of the year, in fact. But that isn't going to make this upcoming year any easier. I am not feeling it at the moment, but soon I will be anxious about who I will be in the same group as and having to go through introductions about ten times all over again. I don't socialise with most of my year group so I don't really know many people that well, or at all, but I know that I have been talked about (if only briefly) and so the problems I have had in the past aren't secrets. I was concerned at the beginning of my second year that the problems I had in my first would cause problems in my second, but that wasn't the case at all so I have little reason to believe that they would suddenly cause problems now. Also, my second year went a lot more smoothly than the medical school had anticipated so I'm hoping that, this year, I will be treated like any other student and not 'monitored' throughout the year.

But anyway, good luck to me! My first day is next week and I hope it goes smoothly.

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