Thursday, August 15, 2013

Almost time for a new year

I seem to have gone almost an entire year without writing a single blog post. That does not mean to say that the previous year has gone without its problems, however. Most of my issues this past year involved dealing with people who underestimated my abilities, mostly from an academic standpoint.  This has annoyed me greatly because I consistently come in the top 15 of my class on written exams, but I don't brag about this to anyone who will listen so it is not common knowledge.  I out-performed many of my peers again in this year's exams, and, though I have not attained the same level of success as in previous years, I am satisfied with my performance.

I have two years left out of five.  In September, I will be starting my fourth year, and this year's challenges include a rotation in pediatrics and psychiatry.  I have spent the last three years getting used to and perfecting my communication skills with adults, and I have had some experiences talking to children but I still feel as though I have a lot of work to do.  Psychiatry also comes with a new set of difficulties; they say that empathy is crucial to a good doctor-patient relationship, and I don't doubt that this will be even more true when talking to patients whose health problems are related to the mind.  I have not yet encountered any psychiatry so it will be completely new to me, unlike pediatrics which has been touched upon in previous years.

I hope to be more active with my blogging in the coming year, because I will then be able to commit to the Internet a more accurate and detailed account of the problems I encounter and the ways I have tried to overcome them.  But for now, I plan to enjoy my summer!

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