Thursday, April 5, 2012

Procrastination fail

This is going to sound pretty petty and weird, but sometimes I really dislike having friends. It is currently Easter break, so this is my time to try and catch up on everything I feel behind on. However, like a good student does, I am procrastinating away a lot of my time. I didn't plan on going out at all. But one of my friends is in town for a few weeks and insists that we both meet up to reminisce about old times and fill each other in about new times. Which would be great, but I'm happy enough doing that online. I don't want to spend a whole day doing it when I could be reading books and studying.

This sounds pathetic and I should be grateful to have people in my life who want to spend time with me.


  1.  I know how that feels. I'm a first year medial student, and during my break, a lot of my friends have asked me to come out when I don't feel I have the time. I know that I should be spending most of my free time learning. However, spending a couple of hours away from studying probably won't do that much harm, and I waste a lot of my time anyway. Reading blogs is one of the ways I do that.

    I don't know what the right thing to do in your situation is, but I think you should go and catch up with your friend. The constant feeling of "I really should be doing work" is horrible, and if you can just talk to your friend and forget about it, then you have an hour or two of relief.

  2. Well it would be much better if I was actually doing enough work to be able to say "I've done enough today. Let's have some fun." but that never happens, even when I am at uni!

    "However, spending a couple of hours away from studying probably won't do that much harm"

    It's more like 'spending a couple of hours away from procrastinating to do some studying might do you the world of good' ;)

  3.  Haha good old procrastination. Yes, spending a few hours away from procrastination to do studying would definitely be good. Then again, spending a few hours away from procrastination to see your friend is just another form of procrastination. It doesn't result in any lost study time if you weren't going to study anyway.

    I suppose that as you should be working now, your posts will be less frequent as your free time is spent on your studies?

    The important word in that sentence is "should".

  4. I ended up meeting my friends in the end, and it was definitely worth it. I don't even feel guilty about not doing any work ;)

    The frequency of my blog posts on here is probably going to stay relatively constant now, unless I have a very busy week at uni.

    Do you have an autistic spectrum disorder? How are you finding first year?