Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of another semester...

...and not a minute too soon.  Before med school, I would live for the days where I would be a med student working towards his medical degree, and now I'm finally there it is the vacation time I live for.  Sure, med school has its perks (mainly the big two-lettered one at the end of it all), but it can get quite monotonous and depressing.

But now I've got these next few weeks free, I think the chances of me spending that revising are pretty slim.  Instead, I anticipate ER and Grey's Anatomy back-to-back, with some Reddit and other websites thrown in.  Not the best use of my time, but what can you do?

My last day was in clinic all day, and it was a nice easy day.  Speaking to patients was fine; I wasn't even stressed about it, and I even managed to convince a patient to stay on his meds.  Such a small thing, but for me it was quite rewarding and a nice way to end the semester.

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