Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The trouble with bad communication... Part 2

Continued from Part 1

So a few weeks ago, I was ranting about how my medical school, who loves to impose communication skills sessions on us students only too often but hasn't seemed to master this art themselves, was telling me a bunch of stressful stuff via a third party they said I had to see for additional support. Some of this stuff included the possibility that my ability to graduate was in question.  On further questioning, I found out that this is because one of my tutors apparently didn't feel comfortable with the fact that I would one day be a doctor.

Well the people at my school have had a casual chat with each other and come to the conclusion that this third party person may be over-reaching a bit in terms of what they need to be doing for me; apparently, none of what she has said to me is true.  They have also said that, if I don't feel I need to see her, I don't need to; this goes against something she said to me a few weeks ago that said I had to see her if I wanted to be in favour with the medical school.

Again, bad communication is abound and I am its only victim here.  If they are trying to beat some empathy into me the hard way, they are definitely succeeding!  But that's a story for another blog post...

I think it's time I took action and sorted this out myself once and for all. That means I have to bite the bullet and talk to someone in faculty face-to-face.  Every e-mail I was receiving from this woman was filling me with such anxiety that I was unable to do any work, but now it has got to the point where not doing anything will probably do me more harm than good. I am also going to arm myself with print-outs of the e-mails, and I may even write myself a checklist of things to ask in case I forget what I wanted to say when I'm there with whoever I end up speaking to.  High-stress situations aren't good when I want to be confrontational because I always end up underwhelming myself!

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